Remove prevent flight from Demons Breach

As the title says , it will be impossible to kite anything and gain a good chunk of levels without spending all weekend in a que which dont pop . Last Demon Breach was great and we still had to wait a while for the thing to pop. There will be less people doing it this time once they realize they will be lucky to get more than 10 rounds , which will give us more queue time.

Re: Remove prevent flight from Demons Breach

opossum12 wrote:
Thu 2 Jul 2020 5:33 PM
Didn't they say it'll be instanced so no queue time? Or you mean in between rounds of mobs?

The collection of classes is never going to be balanced, so some types (esp DPS, because theyre lumped in with stealthers who are all trying to level to 50) are in very long queues, while others (like healers) get shorter queues. And the grouping makes sure at least 2 healers are involved, 1 buffer, 4 DPS... none of those numbers are actual fact, but as an example of explaining how they're breaking it down to form a 'group'.

Re: Remove prevent flight from Demons Breach

You still get a good chunk of Levels. I was in test with my Nightshade, level 40 and got 5 levels. 2 Different groups both to around wave 20. In 1 group we even had an afk thane as second tank who left after so we were pretty much only 7. And 5 levels in around 1 1/2 hour is pretty good exp for me and with "normal" classes you can atleast do something. Kiting last time was totally boring.
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