Bard frustrations- Make their songs un-interrupt-able

PREFACE: Playing hib on live, there was always a shortage of bards. From a meta perspective, is is a powerful class that can CC, Base-Buff, Speed 5, Endo, and help with heal duties. But the class is the most frustrating class, in DAOC, to play.

SUGGESTION: Bard is probably too strong on live now, with 2 songs and root. However, making their songs un-interrupt-able seems fine.

RATIONALE: At the start of combat a bard must perform 2 tasks simultaneously: change from speed to endurance song & mezz opponents. Bards cannot cast while attempting to sing a song. Even if everything goes perfectly, and no opponent interrupts your song transition, you must now demezz, cure disease and heal. Bards are forced to use MOC 1 when Endurance is interrupted.

Forcing a class to dump 5 Realm Points into an RA, to accomplish what Shamans and Paladins can do without interruption seems unbalanced.

Re: Bard frustrations- Make their songs un-interrupt-able

Classes are not mirrored, plz stop to compare the classes. This road not lead into goods...

Hello Person A...
And i am a Hib Player
A: i want this because Z have it to and i have it not
B: You have it
A: Yeah, but i have not the same
B: yeah, but this variance is because of Y
A: Yeah, but ... but... <silence>
So annoying. Problem is, A change hourwise randomly...

Re: Bard frustrations- Make their songs un-interrupt-able

Centenario wrote:
Tue 30 Jun 2020 10:30 AM
Tireless and Longwind are mandatory RA.
So you got endo 4 and reduced sprinting cost, should be enough.

i can't agree with that, because when sprinting with blue endureg value 3 +tl and lw there is no endu regeneration and therefore when
running + styling the endu is used up very fast and especially merc and bm have increased this problem.

i would be interested if you have ever played tank in rvr and which realm to play.