Re: Visible Solo Game Non Existent - Allow Unrestricted 1st Teleport to "Solo Zone"

Eh, I kinda like it as is. I don't want it to end up being that solos effectively never have to move outside of the solo zones. They're not that hard to get to safely anyway.

I think them being empty has more to do with people not knowing about them. They're one of Broadsword's additions, I believe, and a lot of players here are probably from before Broadsword. I certainly didn't know about the solo zones until I saw a video of someone using a porter there.
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Re: Visible Solo Game Non Existent - Allow Unrestricted 1st Teleport to "Solo Zone"

Ardri wrote:
Tue 25 Feb 2020 6:59 PM
Solo zone was a nice idea. Unfortunately it is empty 100% of the time. Please remove the required death at the solo zone in order to use the teleport feature. Allow unrestricted TP to solo zone.

It is not extremely difficult either to use them how they work now :
* You can port to your realm controlled keep close to the solo porter, and all 3 solo zones are interconnected.
The ride on speed 1 without sprint is less than 1 minute.

The only difficulty would be when your realm doesn't own the keeps near your realm's solo zone.
I find it actually a good incentive for joining RVR (realm) to reclaim the teleport, rather than go soloing. To me, it makes sense.

I agree with above comment that it is good that people have to run out of solo zone from time to time (to get speed for instance) and also that very few people know them which is may be the reason why they are not used. When i small man i always use the smallmen porters, and am surprised how many times people are surprised there is such possibiliy to teleport. This is very convenient.

Personally, i use the solo zones exclusively for the teleporter when i solo (because i have boat sickness), and then move to another place. It's also a very good shortcut to get from one realm to another one. Honestly, i don't see the point to stay within the vicinity of the solo zone, except may be for certain classes, but which ? Everytime i met someone there, they were just standing at the teleporter, either AFK or jumping like crazy when they see a solo approaching, looking for a duel. This isn't my vision of how a fight should go, so i usually ignore them and just teleport where i planned initially Sometimes i attempt to use them for a retreat zone in order to be able to port back directly, but usually, on unbalanced fights, with no speed, as a visible, you (at least i) don't have time to run back withing the zone.
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