Re: Slash command to color name/prefix/suffix/something that indicates do not assist

This sounds great but there are a lot of people that don't want others to add and they don't have that as their last name and they don't choose to advertise such things. Lastname is also over committal for something like this for such people, whereas a /slash command can be toggled on and off without the need to travel to the main city. Also, a color would probably get more attention than a lastname that people probably won't even pay attention to. Or perhaps characters (meaning text characters, I am guessing I am not going to be understood here) that appear near a name that are prohibited at character creation so as to catch attention and there would be a higher likelihood that people would pay attention as something different than the norm is more likely to catch the eye unless you just autopilot and literally pay attention to nothing, which is probably the case for some people. But for those that do not, this would create a clear distinction between 'okay with adding' and 'do not add' that is both easy to initiate and clearly and distinctly and sufficiently visual enough to create the boundaries that players prefer while doing their RvR.

Re: Slash command to color name/prefix/suffix/something that indicates do not assist

Bicstor wrote:
Sat 28 Dec 2019 10:16 AM
there is a lot of red is dead mentality or rp greed if you prefer

These are two different things tho.
Red is dead = we decide to join a RVR game where your realm has ennemy realms, and place this rule above fair fights and rp gain considerations (grey kill falls into red is dead too, yet there is no rp gain). They could also decide to reclaim their realm's towers and keeps, even avoiding ennemies if that strategy pays more in terms of achieving the result to reclaim all towers/keeps.

RP greed = those who place RP gain and RP rate/h above all, and who place this above all other considerations, including those who would dump a group not performing fast enough in RP farming, or who would change realm without problem if that serves their purpose. They'd probably maximize their rp gains with special care to where the realm tasks are, etc.

Fair fights is yet another aspect of seeing the game, and under it fall behaviours such as no grey kill and no adds. This is, to my opinion, very utopist because simply impossible to get the right conditions (even in 8v8, all not compo are equal, some would have abilities up while the others have them down, the RR gap comes into play, etc, so who can explain what is really a Fair fight except a duel in relic town that can set the perfect conditions?). What can we say about small men who would kill a level 50 solo player, or a speed 6 fg engaging a solo/duo/small with no speed, etc. Unfair fights is the norm when you look down at the individual level. But when you look the realm as a whole, each realm as equal chances to set up the conditions to be victorious over other realms.

To each their own priorities. As much as i can understand the frustration of players who look for fair fights when they are added, i can understand the frustration of a RP greed player being in a low-performing PUG, or the frustration of a "Red is dead" player being criticized when he kills greys or adds on fights, or who is asked not to do that, simply because he is playing the way he chose that fits the best his objectives. I personally think that Red is Dead fits the best DAOC and i feel particularly merciful when i spare the life of greys (which i do most of the time but they shouldn't take it for granted) or do not add on fights.

That being said, the game offers possibilities for each of the above to play together, with PVE only zones for grey players levelling, 3 solo zones in FZ for players that want solo fights without adds, and 3 small group zones in FZ for those who want more fair fights/small group. There is even a cooperative /fairfight command and the possibility to switch realm without deleting your chars, and without a very long delay (only 4 hours).
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