New Patch PR Issues

Before this patch I go to RVR and run with a zerg or defend around a keep. I get RP's if I get in a fight and get a kill. Same now. This is fine. But now-
I fight around a keep and don't get a kill or run with the zerg and we take a tower or keep. I would before the patch get around 500 RP and 10 gold at the end of the task timer. (RR6.6) Now for the same event I get 22 RP 2 gold and a token that gives me no RP and no gold. I can't turn in this token (as lvl 50) but I can give to one of my other toons to help them level or sell it? So this offsets losing some of the gold but not the rp credit?

What is the point of this change and many more recently like the much faster armor deterioration that costs more gold to repair the item?

I hate to complain about this game because I like playing and it is free; hats off to the developers and owners of the game thank you. But this change is unbelievable. This is a hughes change in RP pay out and makes no sense.

I think Im done.


Re: New Patch PR Issues

Hm, the base amount of task rps was the same for me all evening (375rps+varying bonus, as expected). Maybe you misread a line and only caught the bonus rps, which was low because you jumped in on the task late?

Re: New Patch PR Issues

The last patch changed nothing on that front. The 22 rp sounds like your share of the pool which is basically nothing if you don't attack / kill player. The 500rp you mention are still there, that's the 1000 rp every task gives scaled down by rr.