RvR (Task) Changes

New Task
We will introduce a new keep task, the duration will be 30 minutes and can be extended 3 times by 5 minutes, the timer will be extended if at the end of the timer the keep is in combat and the first door is open. Capturing the keep will instantly end the task and start a new one with the capturing realm as the target designator.
The task will have its own RP Pool, distributed based on participation, just like the other task and filled with fighting in the vicinity of the keep.
Being in the vicinity of the task keep also gives a small amount of participation.
There is a 1000 scaling rp (just like the other task, low level or high rr gets less, it's 1000 for <= rr3 at level 50) participation reward
All rvr actions counting toward this keep also count toward participation in the other task, all kills near this keep fill the rp pool of the normal task, the keep itself (distributed when it goes out of combat) and this new rp pool, making kills in the vicinity of the task keep the most valuable.

The keep selection for this task follows a specific pattern, the only random thing is the designating realm on server restart as well as the attacked realm if the designated realm owns all of their keeps. It's somewhat complicated to explain but should be rather easy to grasp once it's in action. Just like anything else about this task (default timer, overtime etc.) we'll monitor reactions to the selection and potentially adjust.

Long Example of the task progress:
Alb owns all of their own keeps and Bledmeer
Midgard owns all of their own keeps except bled
Hib owns all of their keeps
Alb selected as designating realm at server start, randomly target hib
Task = dc, Albs take dc, Task = dc, Alb defend dc, Task = dcrim, alb take dcrim, task = dcrim, alb defend dcrim, task = bolg, hib defends bolg, task = dcrim, mid take dcrim, task = dcrim, mid defend dcrim, task = bledmeer, mid capture it, randomly choose albion as target, task = beno, hib take it, task = beno, hib defend, task = dcrim ......

Invasion Task Changes
The invasion task will become the RvR Participation task, all references to invading a specific realm will be removed.
- Domination objective will be removed
- Soil / Branches / Snow will always drop in the frontier, the supply master will always be around, turning those in still gives xp <50 and rvr task participation >35
- The 3 rvr bosses will always be around with a 3h timer
- Keep objective will be removed
- The scaling reward will be reduced from 1500 to 1000 rps

Caravans / Keep upgrades
- Caravans will be removed
- Keeps will automatically upgrade up to level 10 based on time with the default upgrade times:
1 -> 2: 12 mins
2 -> 3: 12 mins
3 -> 4: 12 mins
4 -> 5: 24 mins
5 -> 6: 60 mins (1h)
6 -> 7: 120 mins (2h)
7 -> 8: 240 mins (4h)
8 -> 9: 480 mins (8h)
9 -> 10: 960 mins (16h)
- Doors will still have the same level as the keep
- Doors above 90% when a keep upgrades will automatically be healed to 100%
- Doors will otherwise not heal automatically and have to be repaired by players

Keep Teleport
When near a Portal Stone you will be able to teleport to your keeps by using the /realmwar map, the /rw map will also indicate keeps that are in combat. Portal Stones will be in the border keeps and teleport keeps. You cannot teleport while a relic is in transit, you cannot teleport for 2 minutes after releasing. The target keep must be out of combat or, if the keep is in combat, the outer door must be above 90%.
There will be two teleport chains per realm, you can only teleport to keeps to which the chain is unbroken. You can never teleport to your outer two keeps (hibs can never port to crim, crauch, albs never to eras, beno, mids never to nott, bled). You can never port further than the outer two keeps into an enemy frontier. To port into an enemy frontier you need at leas one unbroken teleport chain including the target keep and your two outer most keeps

Teleport Chains - Albion
Hurbury -> Berk -> Surs -> (Eras) -> (Beno) -> Crauchon | Crimthain | Bled | Nott
Renaris -> Berk -> Boldiam -> (Eras) -> (Beno) -> Crauchon | Crimthain | Bled | Nott

Teleport Chains - Midgard
Arvakr -> Glen -> Hlid -> (Nott) - > (Bledmeer) -> Crauchon | Crimthain | Eras | Beno
Fensalir -> Glen -> Blendrake -> (Nott) - > (Bledmeer) -> Crauchon | Crimthain | Eras | Beno

Teleport Chains - Hibernia
Ailline -> NGed -> Bolg -> (Crimthain) -> (Crauchon) -> Beno | Eras | Bled | Nott
Scathaig -> NGed -> Behn -> (Crimthain) -> (Crauchon) -> Beno | Eras | Bled | Nott

Re: RvR (Task) Changes

Bravo! People had said that the Molvik event was making them think that NF would be brought in soon. I did not like NF with it's boring symmetry, large unused lands, lack of gates and defensible valleys and bridge centered action. It was too much the same and all the realms did not feel unique except for the grass textures. However, OF flaws were in that action was always in emain and hibs were screwed out of it, and realms had a long run from their border keeps. Laying the NF transport and supply chain over the OF geography is something that I do not think has been tried before and I am really excited about seeing how it works! Realm defense will be important...if you want to go on the offense it will be required and there will be a back and forth battle where the objective mean more then a RP bonus and entrance to DF.

Re: RvR (Task) Changes

Raunz wrote:
Thu 30 May 2019 1:11 PM
Said first day of caravans that it's a terrible idea also the tasks need to be totally removed and realm ranks reset at this point.

Resetting the realm ranks at this point might kill the server. I’d be pretty pissed if I went back to rr1.

Re: RvR (Task) Changes

do you need to be 40 to keep teleport?
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