Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Xp changes are horrible yes.
This is a freeshard, and isnt it meant to get people 50 fast to go in rvr or end-game pve (instances)?
Making it so much more painful to lvl up and gaining xp is a bad move imo.
If people wanna grind lvls, there are many other mmo's out there thats better for that. This is again a freeshard, and I dont see the logic in makin it so much more painful to lvl to 50.

PS. Love the changes to professions and shared BP's though.


Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Sincerely hope they back track on the XP changes... or they boost the value of the turn ins. 40 items to get roughly the same you'd get from 10 items? They said they adjusted the drop rates, does that mean they adjusted the drops to be more frequent or less frequent? My cynic self always interprets an "adjustment" as a nerf not a boost!

The social XP change is garbage like I explained in detail a few pages ago. A 50% XP bonus is barely worth mentioning because it's calculated on the base value of the mob and not compounded with all the other bonuses. I personally have 53% instance bonus, and a solo kill vs. someone with 0% XP bonus results in roughly 12% more XP difference. It's nice, but 53% instance bonus kinda took me a while to achieve...

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

valicyn wrote:
Fri 8 Nov 2019 10:04 PM
these xp changes are terrible. I turned in 40 items at lvl 47 all were good for lvl 47 and got a total of 3 bubbles of xp. For anyone that solo levels this is a very bad change. And for stealthers that are forced to solo level its even worse. I preferred it the way it was. 10 items per lvl was fine.

OMG, this is terrible !!! Previously, a turn-in of 10 items at level 47 would get you just over 4 bubs. I know, I leveled 3 Animists to 50 solo in the last month or so.

This is a death knell for a server that was great prior to this change and the ridiculous astronomical bump in repair costs.
What could they possibly have been thinking ??? This is just.....unbelievable......
Never ask permission when you can beg forgiveness later.

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

You really screwed us on the xp turn ins here u can turn in more but here we are cutting the xp a stack is worth by 90% some how I dont see the logic .
should have left amount as it was so people can get to 50 faster which we need in rvr And the drop rate sucks on top of that 2 toons leveled out of the turn in criteria and not one drop

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Are you going to adjust aggro generated by healing a bit with the player HP boon and mob damage buff? The amount of healing needed goes up a bit (for the player's health bar visual % and for incoming damage from mobs). As it is a healer blowing his instas on himself while he has aggro is nigh impossible for non-taunt classes to pull the aggro off up until the mob is dead

Edit: didn't know patch was live already; healer instas aggro bit above ^ is from pre-patch settings and I assume it is harder to peel those mobs post-patch

I like the body type change. It was dumb having certain types of mobs always being obselete to hunt

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

I was really hoping that the xp change was to speed things up. I know it wasn't slow, but if end game rvr is the goal why slow it down.

I am also wary of the proc change. At face value, easier templating is a good thing, and this will let people have more flexibility in how they temp and make it easier to get into rvr with an in progress temp. But the potential for 8 SI heal procs is something that needs to be considered.

Is there a way to restrict the proc you steal from an item be restricted to the same kind of item. That way you'd still only have 1 SI chest proc, but you could go out and find ROGs to get life tap or other effects off of.

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Regarding the XP task item changes, after XPing a bit, I can concur that the turn in is very dismal. Even more frustrating is that the drop rate has been reduced requiring even more time to accumulate the XP items. When I first read of the planned changes I was hoping it would accelerate the leveling process, but have been sorely disappointed that it is much more tedious and time consuming.

It is sad that on a level 28 toon, 10 items provides about 2.5 bubs, and it takes more time to obtain the items. The scary part is that it will only get worse as I level various toons to higher levels.

As others have said on this post, allow us to PvP, and not increase the time sink to level. Not everyone plays 40-50 hours a week, and those who don't are greatly penalized by the changes.