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Thank you for doing this, but as other pointed out the two Thid options might compete with each other and make the Molvik win.
I will vote for option 2 the new thid map because i have fond memories of that, but i would rather have the old thid map than molvik.

Also it would be nice to try the new thid map.


Re: Thidranki - it is your choice

Shamissa wrote:
Wed 16 Dec 2020 3:16 PM
I still would like to also in the future have Molvik 35-39 would be ton of fun

On live, Molvik had a great success. May be it would happen here too.
Things to change if this Molvik appears:
- RvR tasks should begin at lvl 40.
- Increase max RR level to RR5.
- Make mobs drop correct items for lvl 39 (not stupid stats as everywhere, example: item with dext +1, HP +2, cold resist +1).

Re: Thidranki - it is your choice


Shenys wrote: Could we have pictures of new thid and old thid please ?

You can google thidranki daoc fights on youtube and see the new and old maps.
These aren't the greatest clips out there, but they should be representational.

TBH, I'm a little disappointed about New Thid being offered as an option without it being promo'd first, but we should know the will of the Phoenix players tomorrow when they announce the results of the vote.
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Re: Thidranki - it is your choice

The result:

512 = The old Thid map with the OF Central Keep
499 = The reworked Thid map with the NF Central Keep
119 = The current Map - Molvik

As you can see, it is very close (yesterday new NF Thid was 10 votes ahead OF Thid). Thats why we will do the following:

Tomorrow we will start another voting, which will last for 14 days because of christmas and holidays. This voting will be between NF Thid and OF Thid. We will also put in NF Thid tomorrow, so everyone will have 2 weeks to test the NF Thid map. No matter how close the new voting will be, the map with the most votes will win.

Im going to close this thread so the result doesnt get lost. I will start a new thread tomorrow as soon as the new voting is in. Thank you for everyone who took part in the voting.
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