Re: Setting / Zone for the rest of the beta

I've said it before, but I'll say it again.

If you have a set RP pool for a zone then players can earn RP in that zone as long as there are points left in the RP pool. At some point the pool will dry up in overused areas such as Emain. If people want to continue earning RPs then they have to fight in another zone. The pool would gradually recover over time.
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Re: Setting / Zone for the rest of the beta

Last night we were thinking Emain would be the winner. Now it looks like that CV is winning. We can agree to disagree, both sides have reasonable arguments and the result is pretty close. Also the population in general is very low and therefor we will put in the following (custom) solution:

CV will always be open from midnight Cet to 7pm Cet
Between 7pm Cet & midnight Cet one evening CV will be open, the next evening it will be closed.

As long as the population stays low like it is now, we keep a groupsize-cap in CV of 5 players.

Tonight, CV will open at midnight Cet and will stay open for the next 24h.

Here is an overview when CV will be open at EU primetime:

Nov 20th
Nov 22nd
Nov 24th
Nov 26th
Nov 28th
Nov 30th
Dec 2nd
Dec 4th
Dec 6th
Dec 8th
Dec 10th
Dec 12th
Dec 14th
Dec 16th
Dec 18th
Dec 20th

Thank you all for voting.
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