Participation rewards

So, I just got 500 feathers and 350 RPs for my participation in defending Eras.

Fine, great, However, we lost Eras at least 5 hours ago...I think I was there on eld at some point, I've logged various toons and done various things since.

How does it actually work?
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Re: Participation rewards

But 5 hours? and that's conservative, 5-8 hours ago (around lunchtime UK time) whenever we lost Eras. And I know I switched to hero for a couple of hours, then ranger for a couple of hours, with dinner cooked and eaten in between.

Just feels weird.

Account has been logged in since, but like I say, various toons in-between.

Edit, I have also been in huge defences, 1 hour+ win and lose where I have got absolutely nothing.
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Re: Participation rewards

After the "keep combat" ends you get the RP. From observation it is usually the point at which repairs become possible so when the keep/tower leaves combat. I think there is something additional to it or some circumstance that extends the combat because like you said there are often RP payouts that occur several hours after the conflict seemed to have ended.

One I've seen was a 16k reward for a crimthain fight which I had been in over 24 hours earlier, and another was a modest 300rp for a keep I had never been to.