Reduce every RA timer to 5mins or less

Can we get this as an non-levelling event? I'm struggling to see how or why it would break the server, 15 mins just seems punitive in this day and age. I'd argue for flat 10 mins for QoL, and 5 mins would spice up the solo game ALOT, particularly for addressing high RR assassins without actually nerfing them. But obviously needs a test run.

Who knows, could actually add some variety to smalls/zerg and get some classes off the shelf.

PS applies to some class abilities too such as Moose etc, also FA/MCL could drop to 60seconds perhaps. Food for thought.

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Re: Reduce every RA timer to 5mins or less

Sepplord wrote:
Mon 1 Mar 2021 11:07 AM
RAs are already thrown around like candy plenty of times, like 2groups using static VS a 4man and stuff like that

No need to further decrease RA-timers even more

Try 2 full grps using TWO TWFS(yes on top of each other, and somehow missing us...), Purge and ST against a 3man...

Honeslty, RA timers need raising across the board and people need to be made to leave the safety of keeps more often

Re: Reduce every RA timer to 5mins or less

Make active RA's not work or have a decaying effect against smaller numbers within a certain radius and a threshold what small / big means.
If you roll a 4 man as an 8 man they can sos away while you are left behind and feel the pain :p
If your zerg has 30 % more members in the area you have to actually fight for the keep and not dumb active RA's =)