Re: whats the stealther population you aiming for?

Assassins aren't the problem on this server. Archery is - mostly rangers.

Right now the population is 313. 72 are stealth (23%). For hib its 107 with 42 stealth (40%). Its no secret that on a server with limited buffs that the PF line for rangers makes them extremely powerful. People naturally migrate to the more powerful classes. I'd be curious to know the split between assassins and archer

Any notion of any assassin taking 5 people at a time just ruins your credibility. Archer groups are a problem - not solos and not assassins. The only assassins I've seen with back-to-back kills is RR11+ which frankly is a combination of skill and a lot of RR. Its the extreme exception and not the norm.

Re: whats the stealther population you aiming for?

Maybe the other realms need to follow hibs lead a bit.. we run ranger groups with bard or warden. Mid could run hunter group with healer or shammy just as easy. Scout has no self buffs so not as easy but cleric scout group could be possible just buffing dex/qui +dex.. Archers all have same ability to turn the tables in bg rvr if used right.

Re: whats the stealther population you aiming for?

LegalEagle52 wrote:
Mon 26 Oct 2020 5:58 PM
Stealthers are not OP. But there is an argument to be made that the game and action would be better if all these players that are on invisible characters were on visible characters.

This assumes that players that are on invisible characters would swap to visible characters if there were no invisible options. I can't speark for everyone, but I would just find something else to do and stop daoc if there wasn't a stealth option.

The fun isn't in the fight itself - its in the stalking and setup for the fight. For every kill I get there are 2 more that run right by that I couldn't quite get in correct position for. Thats one reason I just don't understand stealth groups as the fun of the setup is just lost. If anything, IMO, there should be a RPS reward for solo kills to encourage all the grouped stealthers to try solo.

Re: whats the stealther population you aiming for?

I primarily play stealth classes, in fact, I almost exclusively play them on Phoenix. If they were deleted I would likely just quit. The primary reason for that is the main visible classes that I enjoyed on Live simply don't exist here. Those being melee healers. Warden is terrible at this role here, in addition to missing all the things that made it such an enjoyable class. While Paladin is good here for solo/small, it doesn't really have the same feel, and Friar, which is what my duo partner would play isn't quite the same either. Valkyrie is missing all together. I suppose I could play any other melee toon, but they just don't have as much appeal to me anymore sadly. While I had a few rr5+ casters on Live, I never enjoyed them the same way I did melee, or especially healing hybrids, or stealth classes. I understand why people hate on stealth, but it is one of my favorite things about this game.
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Re: whats the stealther population you aiming for?

Stoertebecker wrote:
Mon 26 Oct 2020 10:37 PM
There is an easy solution, common sense. If one realm gets an underpopulation bonus the other realms gets a overpopulation malus for the same amount.

Atm Albion would have ~ -27% rp and feathers.

You can`t have just have a bonus and think it will balance itself over time.

Always funny to see someone make a really shortsighted suggestion without much thought, and backing it up with "common sense" claims...the irony

just leads to toxicity and people mobbing others into logging off since they are "ruining the RP"
Also doesn't have anything to do with the topic being too many stealthers and not one realm having more people in general