Level 40 BG?

With /lvl 40 being implemented, is there a level 40 BG at the moment? I think Leirvik was 40-44, but not sure if it is on this server?

Re: Level 40 BG?

Liste des vaux :

Les vaux sont les suivants :

Nom Niveaux Cap de rang de royaume
Val de Sable 1 à 4 -
Val de Grès 5 à 9 -
Val de Gypse 10 à 14 -
Val de Jaspe 15 à 19 1L3
Val de Quartz 20 à 24 1L5
Val d'Ambre 25 à 29 2L0
Val de Béryl 30 à 34 2L5
Val de Topaze 35 à 39 3L0
Val d'Émeraude 40 à 44 4L0 et SA3

Its in french ( list BG )

Version : 1.109B

Link : https://darkageofcamelot.com/content/patch-notes-1109b



No longer will you have to wait until level 15 to be able to enjoy the thrill of fighting against other players in Dark Age of Camelot battlegrounds - now you can do it from day one of your character's existence.

- Players can use the portal ceremonies at the border keeps in their home realm to port into the battlegrounds using the Battleground Medallion of Passage. The names and level ranges of the battlegrounds are as follows:

1 - 4 Proving Grounds
5 - 9 The Lions Den
10 - 14 The Hills of Claret
15 - 19 Killaloe
20 - 24 Thidranki
25 - 29 Braemar
30 - 34 Wilton
35 - 39 Molvik
40 - 44 Leirvik

- Teleportation into a battleground will not check for a realm point cap for players to gain admittance into that battleground.

Link : http://camelotherald.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_Notes:_Version_1.70

If we play on this version , normally we have 9 BG . Phoenix server use MIX RA ( Old & New ) why they dont want use all BG .. Maybe they prefer to concentrate on EVENT PVP . Some players say me , Gm receive complain about Caledonia , because they kill 8V8 emain .

BRO , ITS SERVER RVR !! NOT 8V8 arranged .. you want PVP or 8V8 , return on WOW & stop that !

Re: Level 40 BG?

THIS IS A BETA, it is designed for testing all levels and aspects of the game... not a mini game for Caledonia. I know not everyone wants to 'test' and wants to just mess around, but stop begging for things like this when it's not a realistic requirement for the devs.

They clearly have enough data sub 40 else they wouldn't have done this, at least enough to get 1-40 progression in a healthy point come release (won't likely find every single bugs).

You will have plenty of time to build a lvl 34 twink toon and sit in Caledonia forever come release.