Re: State of light tanks. Please read and keep it positive.

ExcretusMaximus wrote:
Sat 30 May 2020 12:36 AM
tibofeif wrote:
Sat 30 May 2020 12:14 AM
Unfortunately, Det and stoicism do not reduce roots or melee snares. This is a large part of the problem. People often assume that Det plus stoicism makes u immune to cc. It really just makes you have reduced mez time that's it I believe. If Det and stoicism affected all forms of snares roots and cc then it would be a non-issue. You still get mezzed for 9 seconds on a mez which is an eternity of time for push-pull groups.

Also, this is 100% incorrect.

Determination and Stoicism reduce all forms of casted CC, not just mez. There is a reason roots last 7 seconds on a Berserker and 45 on a caster.

Again this seems you are very angry my friend. I appreciate you correcting me. I still do feel there is a need for a solution to the problem stated above. Since you seem very passionate about this topic. What solutions would you suggest?

Re: State of light tanks. Please read and keep it positive.

I can't say I've really missed Charge too much when I've played my Merc. If my groupmates are doing their jobs to interrupt their CC then I have no problems reaching my target. With Det the CC is still not a big deal even if my groupmates aren't doing their job to interrupt.

Additional note: if you get snared/rooted just pull out your xbow/shortbow/whatever. The range on these is 1500, the same as most DD spells. If you're stuck then just interrupt whomever you can. Don't stand there doing nothing.
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Re: State of light tanks. Please read and keep it positive.

Caster setup is weaker than mongo setup since the hp buff increase was introduced on Phoenix.

If are under the impression that casters setup are stronger it's just because most caster setups are being played by guild groups with good communication.

I've seen all sorts of sub-optimal setups being rolled by good groups: alb melee group with necro AF debuff, alb double theurg group with necro debuffing AF for necro pets (LoL) to say a couple.

There is no patch that can cut fingers or make fingers grow but believe me light tanks are just good as they are.
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Re: State of light tanks. Please read and keep it positive.

I would think that not having speedwarps, no BG ability and increased HP pools would favor tanks.

As much as playing a caster/hybrid group comp requires good positionning and communication, playing a tank group isn't a pure braindead deal either.

If you are chain snared out of a fight, someone in your group isn't doing his job of peeling/snaring the opposing tank.

If you can't kill a caster with 3 melee beating on it, then your rupter isn't doing his job.

Playing a tank group shouldn't be all mongo push without thinking.

You are getting snared out of fights, but nothing prevents you from snaring the opposing tanks out of the fight either.

I like playing tank groups because I find them more fun and I think there is just as much startegy and coordination (when to split on dps, when to collapse on a target, when to push, etc) playing a tank group than in a caster group.

And if someone roots you, be happy they did because you are now immune to root/snares for a full minute.

Re: State of light tanks. Please read and keep it positive.

Reactionary snare (off evade) is useless for group vs group rvr combat when chasing enemy support/casters or trying to peel enemy tanks off your support, so your point is null in that regard. All other light tanks have some sort of positional snare where they don't have to spec into additional skill line to sacrifice primary skill line dps. The only thing a savage has is the 4 second rear stun but that is not enough to compete vs 20+ second snares the other light tanks get.