Yuva melee ranger

Hello this is my first video and edit ever of daoc about my melee ranger from 7r5 to 8rr during last march.

I tried to put the most interesting matchups and fights i had this is why its a bit long.

The video is split on 2 parts, 2 differents realm ability spec, in each end of part there are some footages without RA used from my side.

I play on a crap laptop and on window mode so i'm sorry for the lags and medium quality, its still correct tho.

This is not a highlight video, no ahk but it's mainly a strafe/kite gameplay, if you don't like it don't bother to watch.

I hope you will enjoy it

Yuva & all the Yuv.

Re: Yuva melee ranger

I also play on a 10 year old notebook if my computer is occupied by others. Still I manage to increase my gamma =)
Nice fights but you have to be really bored attacking rr11 merc ^^

Re: Yuva melee ranger

Ceen wrote:
Thu 8 Apr 2021 8:40 AM
you have to be really bored attacking rr11 merc ^^

rng left me sometime speechless considering the fact that i can loose against 3rr with all RA's, why not being close to kill a 11rr merc ? :p
Yuva & all the Yuv.