Re: Solo Champ RvR check it out guys let me know improvements or just a positive feedback

It... was really bad.

I would focus on learning how to backwhip people if your staying 50 LW

Also.. use Annihilation on stunned people

If you do annihilation people.. just str/con debuff them.. so if they purge.. they don't get your stun and all of your debuffs.
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Re: Solo Champ RvR check it out guys let me know improvements or just a positive feedback

So, I'm not too much of a solo player / duelist, but here are my thought

Like people said before, I Don't get why you got for the side chain… at first I thought you wanted to optimize your haste debuff but then you even did it on a theurgist so I Don't think you do it for the haste debuff…
And anyway, you gain 1% debuff compared to your instant debuff for a lot of damage loss, I'm not sure it's a good idea

Also, why is your stuff so bad ? You show your stats after your first duel against the 'arswoman' (lol) and you lack so many stuff… I understand champion is hard to SC but damn...

You should train to master the walk through into backstyle more often. I Don't understand people that think it's unfair while it's literaly the one thing that make duel a bit more than just a stat / RR comparison. You should learn to sheat your weapon between style to go for a back attack everytime, if your opponent doesn't move to counter this strategy, you should abuse it

You should add the "after enemy parry" chain into your tools, it procs a 34% haste debuff which is insane. The after enemy block is debatable

I didn't see any TS ? Didn't Watch everything but you should get it, it's a bit of a "I win" button for champ. It can even be a "I win this 2v1, fk you"

Should also add a charge dd item in your inventory, I Don't think I saw you use one while you wasted your snare to rupt sometimes because your idd was down

And one last thing… mouse clicking… really ? You have been playing this game for about 20 years maybe and you are still mouseclicking ? x)
You lose so much stuff because of that...
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