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Slash created this issue Sun 20 Dec 2020 7:15 PM
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Speed randomly disapears ; takes ages to come back

Considering playing alb, with sorc and minstrel in same group. Both speeds running.

When minstrel removes speed, sorc's speed is not instantly popping. You have to wait a few seconds before it gets active. Not sure if it's working as intended. But i dont think so.

Also, using Amnesia as a bard instantly breaks speeds. Why does not sorc's one work the same way ? We experienced tons of times when speed is running on ennemy after being amnesia'd for like 8-9-10 sec still, allowing to play speed again and in the end not losing it at all...

Could it be all thoses changes on minst, amnesia and stuff, messing up things about same ability, but on different chars/realms ? Something is definetely going wrong there.

Also, Minstrel's speed takes ages to come back after a fight. Castable just like bard... 3s casting time, 6 frequency, 6 duration... but definetely not working the same way....

Re: Speed randomly disapears ; takes ages to come back

Chanter speed ticks instantly when bard's speed is removed. Same for healer's one when skald is down. Takes 1 second sometimes if yuou are too far, but usually instant. On alb, you literally have to wait 10 sec or so, when minst's speed is down, and sorc's speed is running.
We also experienced sorc's speed not to tick at all. Forced to cancel and do it again.
Definetely a bug