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Crafting speed math borked

So I noticed that I craft crazy fast on my hib with the relic bonuses, so I did some testing and the math doesn't work out.
I tested with strong draught of replenishment cause it takes long to craft and is a high level recipe.
As timer I used the ingame last number that is shown on the bar while crafting.

On my alb:
Recipe is grey, no relic bonus, no crafting gear: 23s till completed
Recipe is grey, no relic bonus, with full crafting gear: 14s till completed (50% bonus in total)

On my hib:
Recipe is green, relic bonus of 27%, full crafting gear: 3s till completed (77% bonus in total)

Some math:
23s - 50% = 11.5s (a good portion faster than reality on a grey recipe)
23s - 77% = 5.29s (a good portion slower than reality on a green recipe [which could slow it down, so it might be even faster as grey recipe])
23s - 50% => 11.5s - 27% = 8.395s (its even slower than reality so that can't be it)

Ok maybe the 23s time without any bonus is wrong. So lets take the 14s from my alb with crafting gear (same as on hib) and lets add only the relic bonus.
14s - 27% = 10.22 (ok, this even more off from the real value..)

TLDR; Math doesn't check out at all.
Is the ingame timer borked that much? Why is the crafting gear bonus seemingly weaker than 50%? Why is the relic bonus seemingly better than 27%?

Re: Crafting speed math borked

there seems to be something wonky with the relic bonuses...

but regarding the math you are doing it seems there is also an issue:

50% craftspeed bonus, does NOT lead to half crafttime.
100%craftspeed bonus, means crafting twice as fast, so you needs half crafttime.
(compare it to driving somewhere with your car....going 50% faster will not make you arrrive twice as fast)

The 3sec on hib still seems FAR too fast...To reduce a craft from 23seconds (at 100%castspeed) to 3seconds would require a craftspeedincrease of almost +700%

Re: Crafting speed math borked

While it works as expected currently, maybe the bonuses should be made multiplicative.

Currently it works like this:
Add all external bonuses up (relic, capital city, rvr score, guild buff) and cap that at 90%
Multiply that by the equipment bonus

That means for example:
40% relic bonus
20% capital city
33% rvr score
= 93%
= 90% (that's the cap)

If we now assume a 60 second base craft time that would mean in the above example a 6 second remaining craft time. With only 20% bonus less, for example crafting in your house, you'd be looking at a 73% bonus -> 16.2 seconds.

This is a bit weird / unexpected and it should probably be changed to just be multiplicative, in the example above that would mean:
60 * 0.6 * 0.8 * 0.667 = 19.2 seconds
And when crafting outside the capital cities, ie removing 20% of the bonus:
60 * 0.6 * 0.667 = 24 seconds