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Psylence created this issue Sun 25 Jul 2021 12:00 AM

New SERVER-BREAKING Bug! I keep getting this weird message... (Thank You)

I'm sure this is a bug, a recurring message through all the Discords saying the server is ending August 31st... if we could get that fixed, that would be great!

On a real note, I know it's not easy putting together a successful server, and honestly out of all the shards that have existed, I think this one has demonstrated the most success. This isn't an accident... it comes from a lot of dedication, a passion for the game and player base, and a willingness to take countless risks and adjust accordingly. For that, I wanted to say thank you to the Dev team for putting together such an awesome server. You guys really out did yourselves, and your hard work didn't go unrecognized. And also to the players (most of you, anyway ) for continuing to be such an awesome, close-knit group of fans.

These servers really are a team effort, and what a hell-of-a-team we have. Look forward to seeing everyone next time!

Best Wishes,
- Psy
Bragian - RR12 Skald
Ex-TL and KotRT