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juhrig created this issue Tue 23 Feb 2021 12:40 AM

ReSkin Cloak


i farmed today my BPs to reskin my Cloak, after hitting my goal of BPs, i went to the ReSkin NPC and wanted to Reskin my normal looking cloak in to the Magma Cloak.
After choosing this Option/Skin, i putted my cloak in Inventory and gave it to the NPC, my 5k BPs gone and my Cloak, still looking like before. Tried to ReDye, kick it out of my inventory and picking it up again, put emblem on and redyed again and tried to relogg. But still normal looking Cloak. Hope i didn't waste the 5k BPs :-/

Re: ReSkin Cloak

maybe a stupid question, maybe not. Are you sure Feathers aren't your active currency atm?

when you rightclick the NPC she'll say something close to "Alternatively I take [Phoenix Feathers]"
If it sais "Alternatively I take [Bounty Points]" it means you're trying to pay with feathers

edit: nvm, you're saying you're BP's are used. must be something else.