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Combat log shows I died from a total of 1453 damage, but I have 2074 HP- I wasn't str/con debuffed

Any reason a combat log wouldn't show all damages?
I was on my VW just 30 min ago, and a group of caster/albs did a total of 1453 damage to me and I died instantly. Only problem is unbuffed I have 1600+, buffed I have 2074 (which I was buffed during that encounter) Even if I was str/con debuffed (which I wasn't according to my logs and debuffs/buffs icons, that would mean the standard values from a 112 str/con debuff from sins differs from others? because the sin str/con debuff only sheers 400 off. that would mean their str/con debuff took over 600 HP from me instantly. This seems like a bug because I was never even str/con debuffed, I only bring that up because that would have been the only other reason, but not 600 HP. anyways. might want to look into that