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Unable to attack "graugach" mobs, getting message in combat log that they are to far away.

I was in a XP group killing graugach Mobs to the west of Ailinne, (Crauchan Gorge: loc=57469,49025,8120 dir=63) rough location of the issue. I was playing a Hero, and there was a Animist and a druid with me. The animist had his main pet roughly at the above location, while having a bunch of forest hearts a little bit closer to the camp. I was pulling the mobs to him. After a while it started not allowing me to attack with a message saying "to far away" unless i was hit by the mob, then I could hit them back, but only 1 time and they would again become "to far away". i do not have any proof of the issue but that is the best i can do as far as description.