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BUG: Certain spells and abilities that are supposed to use BASE% power. i.e. without equipment/buff/RA use TOTAL% power

I just did some testing with the new paladin group heal/DA's I tested both with and without +75 pie +26 power item bonuses, yet using both at the same time in either instance, left me at 10% with, and 9% remaining power without those items equipped.

this was done in the frontier to ensure accuracy, I also concluded that +pie and +power is working correctly by using Twinkling Tiara charge and tinderboxes

In this test: my highlander paladin (83 base Piety at lvl 50) swapped between full +75 pie +26 power item set, and a test without equipment, mostly to ensure that +piety and +power was correctly increasing power pool. and by using Twinkling tiara charge and tinderboxes, I could confirm the item bonuses effected total power pool.

Oddly the ingame description reads 60% power pool for each spell, but was able to cast both at the same time, both with, and without full +piety and +power bonus from items.

This got me curious, and tested theurgist pets which are supposed to use BASE% power, the lvl 40 spell "Call Supreme Earth Elemental" 12% power delve, costed 7% total powerpool to cast a single one, both with, and without +75 Intellect +26 power item bonuses.

I hope this helps troubleshooting.