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birate created this issue Sat 1 Aug 2020 5:19 AM
gruenesschaf changed the status of this issue from new to closed Sat 1 Aug 2020 6:29 AM

issues many issues but same thing everytime

what is next nerf for animist 300 range everywhere ?only 1 earth per anim?no target on alb?or mid?oh maybe armorless and weaponless that ll be awefull.
as you have such a big ego as you ban people for "abusing" GM by saying all those issues are shit working, i ll not complain.
i ll say all you do is perfect we have no issues and you dont break anything that all good,when im right on the target and cant see it or fall trow tower that just perfect,why they didnt put all that in public server?
same for the magical release to bindstone out off pvp when you was just dead in frontier,or all those gtae preset ,shrooms area nerf really good cant even put the shroom close to wall in case myopic people cant select them easy,that really a good choice to think about old people.
we have pokemon and glowy stuff so all is fine.
mummy can be really prood off all the good job made here with 0 error,,i just dont understand where the players went every weeks when population decrease there is a better place? impossible,all best thing was made here,created here,invented here.
you should look if you poop gold could explain a lot.